Relations in the arts: Berlin-Turkey

Since September 2019 I am working on a project with the working title ‚Relations between Visual Artists from Turkey and Art-Networks in Berlin. An Analysis of the Years between 2010-2018′. I am researching in the field of Art Sociology, which I am approaching with a (international)network perspective. The topics visual arts and cognitive processes in the arts that includes art mediation are of particular interest for me. I dedicate my academic work to those issues that play an important role in a wider contexts, such as cultural policy and exhibition-making in relation to different geographies. 

Art events at Kunstraum Kreuzberg-Bethanien, Apartment Project and ZK/U Berlin as Case-Studies:

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In the process of my research, I explore art exhibitions with contributions by contemporary Turkish artists at art spaces in Berlin. The case-studies above are examples of such places, however it is more important for my project to investigate „cultural fields“ as networks that develop in the course of exhibition-making. Like this I foreground relations instead of single events or individuals. Here I refer to ideas of network theory and Pierre Bourdieu, that do not necessarily exclude each other as one might think. Bourdieu explains the methodological choice of looking at ‚fields‘ as follows: „[…] it enables us to make a radical break with the substantialist mode of thought […] which tends to foreground the individual, or the visible actions between individuals at the expense of structural relations […] between social positions that are both occupied and manipulated by social agents, which may be isolated individuals, groups or institutions.“ (Bourdieu 1993: 29) With this perspective, I am aiming at analysing relations between social positions. Read more ‚unfinished texts‘ on my Blog.


BOURDIEU, P. 1993. The Field of Cultural production. Essays on Art and Literatue, New York (NY), Columbia University Press.